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Services: Videos and Reels

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

New on the Service List

Media perfect for those wanting to casually dip their toes into video or social media wizards who are looking to supplement the classic horizontal Cinematic Video (Still best way to show a space in its entirety) with posts for Coming Soons, Now Listeds and Closed Todays. Available add-on service as "NEW: Vertical Media" in the Add-On page of the Residential Booking Form.

Highlights Reel

Cinematic video clips of property highlights ideal for staged homes.


A single-take walkthrough with speedramp effects for maximum viewer focus. Can be done for both furnished and unfinished homes.

Vertical + Slideshow

Vertical photos delivered both as still images and slideshow video ideal for staged homes.

All the Above Pack

You're well-stocked for vertical content now.

Short Form

Vertical format videos are taken with a phone. Social media platform algorithms are currently preferring these types of content to align with what users are proven to engage with. Vertical fill up the entire screen but keep in mind due to the crop ratio are about showing details and snippets of rooms rather than entire rooms.

Classic Form

Horizontal format cinematic videos are taken with a professional DSLR camera and are still the best route for showcasing entire spaces intimately by utilizing longer, wider shots. These clips combined with slower tempo music builds a psychological connection with the audience to really invite them into the space whereas short form versions are often meant as casual peeks. Instagram can post horizontals with plenty of space above and below for captions. These also show better on MLS as formal content.

Whichever your route, horizontal or vertical, slideshow of still images or movement-filled. These are tickets to keeping up with current viewer trends and maximizing engagement.

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