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Services: Commercial Real Estate

Commercial listings on sites such as LoopNet has an alarming amount of properties with dark, lopsided phone photos, and usually just of the outside that tells nothing of what's in there for a company looking to thrive and grow their business. A collection of professional photos not only offer viewers a clear sense of space and lets them envision themselves in it, but sets a listing apart, motivating a person to stay on a page longer and take in the visual information to go with the written descriptions. It is a welcome mental break from sifting through pages of properties with a google street view image. If your brokerage is known for having proper photos for every listing, how can they not look at what else you have on market?

From existing offices, new development labs, and white-box retail, professional photos for your listings will set it apart from the plethora of buildings on the market with sub-par content. Interior, exterior and amenities come together to create a curated set of images that gives you an edge.

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