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Social Media Content People Will See

You're biting into breakfast as you scroll through Instagram Stories like Pops and his newspaper articles. What makes certain accounts more attractive?

You might've noticed it, but pretty much everyone consume a ton of content via social media these days. How can you utilize it to gain more attention? The more successful accounts have a consistent stream of unique content. Do you want to go beyond memes, quotes, and generic slides provided by headquarters?

Use Those Company Slides but Use Them Wisely

In real estate particularly, agents receive social media marketing material from the company. They are informative, graphic designs are well done. They serve a purpose but does every agent out there use these? Pretty much. While these slide look nice, opt to nestle them in once as accent and not the majority of what you share. Give a viewer a reason to pay attention to you over others who all have the same info.

The Balance of Personal and Professional

Agent, Photographer, Designer, Builder. We are passionate professionals for sure, but we are also humans with interests beyond work that can be shared. Well, within reason. Showing the world how hard you can party at the tequila bar every weekend might not be the best thing when your audience has clients or prospective clients so lets talk some sweet spot examples mixing life x business to keep your page fresh and happenin'.

  • Walking down a certain neighborhood to get a delicious quiche at a local cafe to meet with a client? Post a short rave.

  • Do the unique grains of an imported wood tabletop for your project make your heart flutter? Combine shots or video footage with a voiceover with captions on what makes this piece so special.

  • The Pistachio Frappe you've been looking forward to and been snapping gorgeous photos of right, and proceeded to spill all over yourself before even the commemorative sip? Dang you better share that too since there's nothing more relatable than the little "Noooooooooooo" moments in our lives.

Notice what keeps you engaged with the favorite accounts you follow and experiment from there as you find your voice. It's tempting to be all business but important to show unique personality.


Be it reels or the classic horizontal formats, sequential stills or with movement, have this type of contents on your Stories. These bite-sized pieces are perfect for filling glossy phone screens of other breakfast eaters and mid-day coffee drinkers. Stories show up on the top of feeds to get on people's radars and are excellent to post first before uploading a more permanent Reel on your profile where folks can return to it as much as they want.

Posting Regularly

Every few days but ideally every day helps in having your audience connect to your account, therefore telling the platform to push these up on their feed where it's more likely to be seen first. If capturing and posting often is hard, consider creating a handful of contents at once so all you have to do is upload it when you want, and fill in with daily happenings as you see fit.

I hope these few tips will help you get the hang of being present and engaged!

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