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SHINO (as in not He-Yes)

Resident: Former Californianite turned Massachusian

Music: Shoegaze, Brit Rock, Ambient, Classical

Loves: Cows, Elote (it's got the juice), Fountain Pens

Frequently Found: Daydreaming about petting cows

Hello there! I'm a Boston-based photographer with a camera in hand 17+ years. Although let's be honest, a good portion of those years were of questionable quality and experimentation but they've helped develop character and a keen eye or two. I also went to college, 4 times. Turns out I excel in self-study and chasing that sweet, sweet dopamine.

Young me was reared on hearty doses of books, documentaries, museums and travel. In the early teen years, I developed a strong interest in spaces strengthened by an unusually expansive library of mis-addressed design catalogs my confused but supportive parents allowed me to collect/hoard. I was a strange child in many regards yet somehow grew up to be a competent enough adult with a personality now just labeled a tad quirky.


Currently, available in the Boston area. Open to travel with arrangements.


Wayfair, Starbucks, Perigold

Compass, Berkshire Hathaway, Engel + Volker and many more luxury brokerages


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