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Shino (As in opposite of He-Yes)

Resident: Former Californianite turned Massachusian

Music: Shoegaze, Brit Rock, Ambient, Classical

Loves: Cows, Elote (it's got the juice), Fountain Pens

Frequently Found: Daydreaming about petting cows

Hello there! I'm a Boston-based photographer with a camera in hand 17+ years. Although let's be honest, a good portion of those years were of questionable quality and experimentation but they've helped develop character and a keen eye or two.

Reared on hearty doses of books, documentaries, museums and travel. In my early teens, I developed a strong interest in spaces started by mis-addressed design catalogs my confused but supportive parents allowed me to collect/hoard. I was a strange child in many regards yet somehow grew up to be a rather competent adult with a personality now merely labeled "A Tad Quirky". These days not much has changed and the fascinations with interiors and the built environments continue.


Normally available in the Boston area but open to travelling far and wide with arrangements.

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