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Answers to frequently asked questions for real estate photography services

When will I receive my media?

Next day turnaround for real estate photos, with same-evening delivery available for an additional cost. Floorplans and Video may take up to 48 hours. Commercial and Interior Design photos will take 3-5 days upon image selection phase.


How many images will I receive?

15 - 35 images average depending on the property size, amenities and appt type. Generally there will be multiple shots of living/kitchen/primary suite/exterior, and single shots of bedrooms/bathrooms/garage/ect.

Listings with carefully curated set of quality images are proven to gather more interest than one with too many.


What can I do to get the most out of my appointment?

The more prepared the property is, the more time the photographer can spend on building the best images. Blinds up, lights off is a great start. Sometimes the spaces are still occupied and that's okay. Please see "How to Prep a Home for Photos" under Resources for guidance.


Why are lights off preferred?

Turning the lights off ensures accurate colors as bulbs tend to create orange or blue casts, most apparent in videos. Most of us do not use lighting during the day and leaving them off aids in the natural look. Lamps do not brighten up rooms as the photography technique will ensure properly lit images.


What if it's a cloudy day?

For overcast days, sky replacements are included in photo services. In case of rain or if video with a sunny exterior is critical, a reschedule is allowed up to 1 day in advance.


What's your process?

Generally, a quick walkthrough is done to note any unique features of the property and finding those last-minute details that may need to be hidden away. Equipment will then be set up and shoot started.


What if I need to reschedule/cancel?

Things happen. Rescheduling is easy through the confirmation e-mail and allowed up to 1 day before the shoot. Please confirm with your client the property is ready a couple of days before the appointment time to avoid surprise cancellations day of or not being able to shoot enough or best images within the time slot. Cancellations less than 24hr notice is subject to 50% of total fee or 75% for on-site.


How do I pay?

Make payments easily and securely though the download link.

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