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Different levels of photography is available across the market. Here are the differences between each to help you decide what would best suit your needs

Contracts are signed and the listing date is fast approaching. You hire the cleaners, stagers and start on your description drafts to send sellers. Everything moves so fast in this industry and you want to serve your client well. Search "Boston Real Estate Photographer" and there are so many, and they all seem to be structured differently. It can be a bit overwhelming. Here is my basic breakdown into the main tiers in our world, with of course a little bias toward the cheapest.

Low Tier - Cheap, Fast shoots

Affordability is the brand motto with volume shooters or agencies. It's get in and get out as fast as possible. These may be passable as they may be above what disposable cameras and bad phone cameras can take. Hit all four corners of a room with a single flash shot or fast HDR and calling it a day. Sometimes agencies will have a pretty good photographer but overall a higher risk of inconsistencies in quality. May be a place to start for newcomers but generally not recommended when wanting to build a strong brand reputation.

Mid Tier - Quality over Quantity

This is when you can start seeing consistent quality over quantity. More time is needed for these shoot appointments so photos can be well-lit, and composition is considered and fine-tuned before even thinking of touching the shutter button. Other services such as floorplans, video and virtual tours may be offered to minimize having to hire separate providers. Experience, excellent artistry and craftsmanship, and consideration are what an agent can expect from this tier. If the property is being investing in cleaners and stagers, and/or is a new building with incredible architecture, this is where you can expect it to see them shine.

High Tier - Ultimate Holy Grailers

Many of the mid-tier qualities but magazine feature worthy photos. It's not uncommon to see these photographers short-listed for the ultra luxury listings in brokerages, and also may be shooting for high-end commercial, architectural and interior design clients. These are incredible visual storytellers, able to read a space and illustrating the home's unique features in a smaller but very carefully curated collection of images. These take the most time to shoot and edit that can take a few days to deliver, but worth every penny especially for multi-million dollar listings.

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