Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my portraits made?


Exist in photos. Do it to celebrate each stage of your life. I believe you should have a photo in your teens, 20's, 30's all the way to your 90's. You can do it for yourself, or you can do it for and with others. What do you feel when you see really nice portraits of your mother, grandmother, people before you? Those images are priceless and you will treasure them until you pass it on to the next generation to fawn over.


I just need to lose some weight first!


It is my job to coach and direct you through poses that show your best. Most women who say they need to lose weight before their session really are just afraid they won’t like what they see in their pictures. I

don’t want to discourage you from committing to a weight loss journey if it is for your health and emotional well-being, however, you do not need to lose weight to look good in your pictures! I believe that every woman is beautiful as she is right now.


Are there any products included in the session fee?


The portrait session is considered a standalone experience, with the viewing and ordering sesssion scheduled around 10-14 days after the shoot. There is no minimum purchase. What you spend is entirely up to you.



What the heck am I going to wear?


In our pre-session consultation we'll go over the kind of images we want to have as a goal and go through your options. We'll aim to have between 3-4 outfits that will photograph best. Complimentary in-home wardrobe consultation is available.


What are your products like?


Each photo is printed using a professional lab calibrated to my computers for the most accurate reproduction. I use heirloom-quality rag mats that are acid-free and lignin-free.

Folio boxes are same archival quality. With proper care and storage, they should easily last many generations looking as beautiful as the day you receive them.


I can't afford a photo shoot!

You can save for a photo shoot just like you would a girls night, a vacation, or that designer handbag you really want. A photo shoot is an investment, but it is something you may only have the chance to do once in your life. I offer up to 6-month plans with a 50% down payment and monthly processing fee of $20. You will get the products after the final payment has been made. Photos not paid in full by 6 months will incur an archival fee of $100.




Things come up. If it is necessary to reschedule or cancel your session, the following conditions apply: The booking fee is non-refundable, so with cancellations the fee will not be returned. Cancellation notice must be received in writing by email. I will be happy to reschedule your session with at least 72 hours notice, for a date that is available for both of us. I understand that things happen and the fee may be transfered to another session date for up to 6 months. Please understand though that there is no guarantee that the session and product rates will be the same on your next appointment. Due to the nature of the products, I cannot offer refunds once payment has been made and products delivered.

Can't I just have the digitals for cheaper? Why would I want prints?


Our hand-matted luxury printed portraits are reflections of the value of our service to you. Prices are for the print, digital file sized to the print, and print rights together. The latter two are what makes up the cost. What you're buying is the image itself - so these are the prices for "just the digitals."


Social media tagged photos won't last forever. Prints are for you and your loved ones to touch and fawn over years from now.


How long is the portrait session?


A session will typically be 3-4 hours. This includes an hour to 90 minutes in makeup followed by 90 minutes to 2 hours shooting which includes outfit changes and touchups. If you book for two, the session runs for an extra 90 minutes.


When and where?


The park, your home, a boutique hotel. I have suggestions but if you have a fantastic location in mind let's talk about it! Studios rentals can be arranged at an extra fee. For outdoor shoots we tend to shoot early mornings or late afternoon.


Do you retouch every photo?

I pick out the best of the shoot and fully edit the images before you see them at the ordering session.


Is makeup and styling optional? I can bring my own makeup or my own makeup artist.


We want to be certain that you will look your best for your portrait session, so for this reason, we only work with makeup artists whose work with which we are familiar and have a proven track record of excellence.